We offer two levels of Landlords service; Tenant Find Service and Fully Managed Service.

Tenant Find Service

The Tenant Find Service is charged at a fixed rate of £250 as includes the following:

  • Visiting the property and meeting the landlord.
  • Ascertaining the exact requirements of the landlord with regards to tenants.
  • Appraising and discussing rental values.
  • Taking comprehensive photographs and full description of property for the website.
  • Taking enquiries from prospective tenants and, if appropriate, making appointments to view.
  • Consulting landlord with details of interested parties and subject to landlord approval, taking application and holding deposit.
  • Taking up references on application (References to include employment, previous landlords and credit searches).
  • Preparing the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement and forwarding to landlord for approval.
  • Meeting Tenant at property to sign agreements and start tenancy. Provide Tenant with method of payment.
  • Collection of first months rent and deposit by way of cleared funds on behalf of the landlord. Balance of rent and deposit, less our agreed fees and any pre-tenancy invoices, transferred to landlord without delay.
    Make any HMRC deductions and provide tenant with the NRL8 (if relevant).

Fully Managed Service

The Fully Managed Service is charged at 10% of the rent each month plus a set up fee of £195 to cover the tenancy agreement and advertising costs, etc. (For Landlords with multiple properties, this commission fee can be negotiated).

This service includes all of the above Tenant Find Services, plus:

  • Preparation and checking of inventory (if landlord has taken up this option).
  • Making suitable arrangements for collection of monthly rent on behalf of landlord.
  • Prompt transfer of rent to landlord.
  • Placing the deposit in an approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme and supplying tenant and landlord with full details.
  • Taking meter readings to pass to the appropriate utility companies together with details of new tenants.
  • Advising local authority that new tenants are in residence for council tax purposes.
  • Arranging any necessary repairs and maintenance having established with individual landlords any preferred service providers of maintenance and/or service contracts.
  • Consulting with the landlord regarding the cost of any works. Any payments made by us in respect of such work to be deducted from the rent received.
  • In the case of emergencies Albion Lettings will take whatever action is necessary to protect the property should the landlord not be immediately contactable to obtain instructions.
  • Informing the landlord of any delay in receipt of rent and taking appropriate action to recover the arrears from tenants and regularise payments.
  • Carrying out 4 monthly inspections to ensure the tenants are treating the property with respect and to establish any routine maintenance that may be required. Report to be forwarded to landlord following each inspection
  • Ensuring Gas Safety Certificates, Electrical Safety Certificates and Energy Performance Certificates are kept in date where appropriate.
  • Service of appropriate notices on behalf of the landlord as required.
  • On receipt of notice from tenants, seeking suitable new tenants as soon as possible to minimise the time the property is unoccupied.
  • At the end of the tenancy, checking the tenants out and negotiating charges for any damages and dilapidations. When agreed by tenant and landlord, arranging for the return of full or part deposit to the tenant as appropriate with any balance to be paid to the landlord. In the event of a dispute between landlord and tenant in relation to damages, instigating arbitration procedures through the Tenancy Deposit Scheme.

Inventory Schedule and Condition Report

We are happy to provide an inventory and provide a disc of photographs at the start of the tenancy. The cost of preparing the inventory is as follows:

  • £15 per room for an unfurnished property.
  • £20 per room for a furnished property.

Preparing a Property for Letting

To achieve the maximum rental potential, Albion Lettings recommend that landlords ensure the property they offer is in good decorative order throughout. Experience tells us that properties that are decorated and, where appropriate, carpeted in neutral colours are more attractive to potential tenants.

All properties should be offered in a clean and tidy condition and any appliances included within the property should be clean and in good working order. It is better to remove old unsightly appliances and either replace them with new appliances or offer the property without that appliance. Having said this, a large number of tenants are looking for a property to rent that offers kitchen appliances, particularly a cooker, and supplying appliances in good condition can increase the likelihood of renting a property more speedily. Landlords should bear in mind that any appliances listed on the Inventory will be repairable at the landlord’s expense should a fault develop. However, it is possible to add a condition to the agreement stating that certain appliances will not be replaced or repaired should a fault develop. If this is the case, it will be the landlord’s responsibility to remove the faulty appliances, should the tenant wish to replace it with an appliance of their own.

The Landlords should supply the tenant with operating manuals on all appliances and heating systems where possible. If there are no manuals available, the landlord should leave clearly written instructions to help the tenant.
If letting through an agent, the landlord should give the agent details of any and all service agreements / guarantees to ensure that any faults are reported to the appropriate service providers / manufacturers.

Whether letting furnished or unfurnished, it is advisable for landlords to ensure that all personal effects are removed from the property. Even when seeking furnished accommodation, tenants do not generally want personal effects such as ornaments or pictures as they prefer to add their own personal touches to the property, in accordance with their individual taste.

All available storage areas should be left empty for the use of the tenant. If landlords wish to store their own belongings in the loft space, they should make sure the loft has a lock and the tenant made aware that the loft space is not included in the rental of the property. If the loft is left unlocked, the tenant is entitled to use that space for storage unless otherwise stated.

Landlords must ensure they comply with the all regulations regarding safety as specified under “Information”.

Gardens should be left in a tidy condition, with all rubbish removed and grass cut. Landlords should supply equipment, such as a lawn mower, for the use of the tenant. If no such equipment is provided, the tenant is not obliged to maintain the garden.

If a landlord is moving out of the property immediately prior to offering it for rental, it is advisable for them to arrange with the Post Office for mail to be forwarded to their new address. The tenant will not be responsible for forwarding mail to the landlord.

It is the Landlord’s responsibility to provide a set of keys to each tenant at the commencement of the tenancy. The tenants must obtain the Landlord’s consent to have any further keys cut and at the end of the tenancy, all keys, whether provided by the landlord or cut by the tenant, must be returned to the landlord. It is advisable to have tenants sign for keys, including window keys, either separately or as part of the inventory.